Mesotherapy is a discipline that was developed by Michel Pistor in 1952.
It involves painless microinjections into the skin achieving a desired therapeutic result. Dermatology company Polonez
Although Mesotherapy has been used extensively in Europe , it has only recently been introduced in the United States . Uses of Mesotherapy include fat and cellulite reduction, control of pain conditions, hair re-growth, weight loss, wrinkle elimination, scar improvement, acne treatment, arthritis and joint problems, sports injuries, stretcmarks, among others.  

The medications used in Mesoplasty cause shrinkage of fat cells by dissolving fat. The fat is then excreted through the urine and bowels. Mesoplasty can also improve the appearance of cellulite (fibrous bands that tent the skin). Cellulite is reduced by decreasing the size of the trapped fat cells. 
Mesoplasty also enhances hair re-growth by improving circulation of the scalp and providing needed nutrition to hair follicles. 
The effect of Mesoplasty can be enhanced by eliminating toxins from the diet and maintaining a healthy program of exercise. 

Any individual with significant medical problems should consult with their family physician to determine if they are a candidate for Mesoplasty. 
Individuals who are on blood thinners, pregnant, or have other severe medical problems are not good candidates for Mesoplasty.