CEO Message

Our objective is to unceasingly improve the services we deliver to ensure we achieve the highest possible level of client satisfaction. 
Demand for new and more affordable therapies has never been greater. Better Medicines Faster requires open-access approaches to lower the entry barrier for innovation, and to harness collective capabilities and experience to improve the odds of success.
As skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals, we recognize that courteous, professional, patient-focused healthcare is what matters most to those we serve and providing you with the best possible healthcare experience is a priority for us.
Our employees take every opportunity to learn new approaches to care that improve the lives of our patients/clients every day. I am honoured to be part of a dynamic organization that places the needs of our patient/clients at the centre of the provision of service.
As with any of our communication tools, I welcome any feedback you might have regarding our website along with suggestions on how we might improve the information we communicate.
We look forward to your continued support.